National network specialized in pathology and care of bone sarcomas


Welcome to ResOs

To meet the challenges posed by specificities of rare cancers, the French National Institute of Cancer launched several calls to structure the supply of care for adult patients with rare cancers. In early 2013, the University Hospital of Nantes won a call to structure a national reference network specialized in pathology and care of bone sarcomas and rare bone tumors: the network RESOS has emerged.

This organization aims to ensure patients an optimal management of these rare tumors difficult to diagnose in national expert centers by teams of specialists (pathologists, surgeons and oncologists).

The national network of experts centers (See the map and list of centers) :

  • 13 centers devoted to clinical expertise, coordinated by Professor François Gouin at the University Hospital of Nantes, which ensure the care of patients
  • 11 centers devoted to pathological expertise, coordinated by Professor Gonzague De Pinieux at the University Hospital of Tours, which ensure the double reading of suspected cases of bone tumors

The multidisciplinary meetings (adult and pediatric) :

Each center is composed of a group of experts working in several hospitals (University hospitals and Comprehensive Cancer Center), and meeting in multidisciplinary meetings (RCP). Other professionals away from these institutions can take part in the care of these patients. Our network works also closely with the other networks specialized in sarcoma and with pediatric structures, in order to make the medical care continuous and consistent.

The specific missions RESOS are:

  • Mission 1 - Expertise: organization of multidisciplinary meetings, pathological double reading, definition of best practice recommendations, epidemiological surveillance
  • Mission 2 - Recourse: patient access to highly specialized care
  • Mission 3 - Medical research: initiation and coordination of study on these rare cancers
  • Mission 4 - Training and information for health professionals
  • Mission 5 - Information for patients and their families and places of patient associations
  • Mission 6 - Structure of the care sector and network coordination
Content overview
  • Patients : 7953
  • Primary tumours : 8098
  • Samples : 10508

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